(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Being subject to influence]
Syn. moved, touched, melted, influenced, sympathetic, stirred, grieved, overwhelmed, moved to tears, hurt, injured, wakened, struck, impressed, brought to a realization of, overwrought, imbued with, devoured by, acted upon, worked upon, changed, altered, concerned, involved, interested, afflicted, attacked, stricken, compassionate, tender, sorry, troubled, distressed.
Ant. indifferent*, unmoved, untouched.
2. [Full of affectation]
Syn. insincere, pretentious, pedantic, melodramatic, self-conscious, starchy, stagy, unnatural, histrionic, stilted, overprecise, superficial, mannered, precious, theatrical, stiff, strained, mincing, overdone, apish, ostentatious, showy, exhibitionistic, hollow, shallow, highfalutin*, arty*, too-too*, stuck-up*, la-di-da*.
Ant. simple*, natural, genuine.
3. [Feigned]
Syn. simulated, imitated, faked, unnatural, counterfeited, falsified, shammed, studied, artificial, pretended, bogus, phony*, put-on*.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
1. influenced impressed, swayed, changed, acted upon, stirred, impacted upon.
2. touched perturbed, moved, stirred, impressed, distressed, heartened, warmed, agitated.
3. artificial phony, fake, assumed, contrived, show-off, counterfeit, pretentious, studied, unnatural, feigned, precious, mannered, *full of it, *Hollywood.
ANT.: 1. unchanged, untouched. 2. unmoved, unaffected. 3. real, authentic, true, down to earth, sincere
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective 1. Not genuine or sincere: artificial, feigned, insincere, phony, pretended. See TRUE. 2. Artificially genteel: artificial, mannered, precious. Informal: la-di-da. See GOOD, HONEST, PLAIN, TRUE. 3. Having concern: concerned, interested, involved. See CONCERN.

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